Introducing Bess Auer’s Money Maker Mastermind Course

6 months: 1 email, 2 ebooklets, and 3 podcasts each month

For just $99, you get complete access to a a 6-month course done entirely online, going in-depth on a different Money Maker Model each month. Take a look at what you will learn:

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Money Maker #1: In-Person Meet Up

From booking a venue and strategies for selling tickets to finding key sponsorships and on-site management, Bess takes you step-by-step so you can create a successful meet up for anywhere between 10 – 500 attendees!

Money Maker #2: Publish an eBook

Learn the pros and cons of publishing and then let Bess walk you through the cost-free tools and techniques to publish your own book and sell it via, the world’s largest publisher and distributor.

Money Maker #3: Publish a Monthly Magazine

Discover how a monthly magazine can be a big Money Maker. Bess will share the free tools and techniques to create an publish a magazine and give tips on how to sell advertisements in each issue.

Money Maker #4: Produce a Web Series

Discover the different types of video and which would be a good fit for your niche. From the cameras and hardware needed, to step-by-step editing, Bess will show different ways to monetize your videos.

Money Maker #5: Craft a Corporate Campaign

Not to be confused with sponsored posts, a corporate campaign is an entire basket of content crafted for a company. Bess will show you how to approach a potential sponsor and win their loyalty.

Money Maker #6: Create Members-Only Content

Bess will walk you through the different types of member sites, from paying to see your protected content, having an association, to creating a members-only newsletter.

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6 months: 1 email, 2 ebooklets, and 3 podcasts each month