Bess the Creator

Bess Auer is a serial entrepreneur, creating content, building communities, and guiding the digital strategy for several successful start ups before selling them. She is currently writing a book about building those communities.

Current Projects:

Building Alexa Skills

Yes, you do need to have a voice activated app (or skill) on Alexa. It's the hottest trend for 2018 and it's taking over the market share like wildfire. Bess can build an Alexa Skill for you. Learn more.

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Big Book of Everything I've Ever Learned

Bess is writing a book about building community and the lessons she's learned as a top blogger and marketing consultant. Learn more.

Past Projects:


Florida Swim Network

Bess was the co-founder of the Florida Swim Network, which live streamed swim meets and covered competitive swimming. Broadcasts were aired on ESPN and the SEC Network. Learn more.


Your Swim Channel

Bess helped create the first OTT channel (Apple TV) focused entirely on competitive swimming. Learn more.


Central Florida Top 5

Bess was the founder and original editor of the Central Florida Top 5, named "Best Neighborhood Blog" by the Orlando Sentinel in 2009. Learn more.