Alexa FAQ

What type of skill should I create?

It all depends on your goals. Is it to further your authority as an expert in your field? To give your fans/customers helpful tips? To widen brand awareness? A quiz game? You can be as creative and as targeted as you need to be.

Do I own my content that goes on the Alexa Skill?

Absolutely! Bess is only the developer of the app. All copyright and intellectual property remain your own. Neither she nor Amazon make a claim on the content.

Am I listed as the developer on Amazon?

No, and this is for efficiency of upload and certification times as well as ease of monthly maintenance. All skills are uploaded under Bess's developer name of Smarketing News but you still retain all rights and ownership of content.

What do I need to provide?

You will need to work with Bess to develop and provide all content, such as tips, recipes, logos, etc. Bess will certainly aid you in this process but this should be your app with your content.

Is there ongoing maintenance?

It depends on your app. If it is a story-type skill, or one that has a definite one-time user experience, then no. But if it is a skill that needs a database developed, such as a tip of the day, new recipes added, or flash briefings, then Bess will charge you a maintenance fee to keep your skill up to date.

What if Amazon makes changes in Alexa's requirements?

Bess will assure you skill is always up to date and meeting Amazon's latest requirements.

Can I charge users a fee or subscription price to access my skill?

As of January 2018, skills may not yet charge a fee to access. However, this is definitely in the near future. Bess will certainly let you know as soon as this becomes available and then help you monetize your app.

What if I want to stop my Alexa Skill?

Just let Bess know in writing and she can deactivate your Alexa Skill at any time.

Ready to get started? Contact Bess to get a quote to get started.  Initial builds range between $499 - $1500 and ongoing maintenance between $49 - $199 a month.