Yes, You Need to be on Alexa!

Voice activated apps are the hottest trend in coming in 2018.

Amazon's Alexa has the greatest market share by far, and now I can build you an Alexa Skill to give you a "first to market" presence in this growing space. As famed Gary Vaynerchuk says, "I think this is just the beginning. Alexa and Google Home are another exciting space. More so than podcasting itself, I think Alexa is an incredible opportunity to win...The ones who act early and provide real value are destined to succeed. "

The iPhone has "apps" and Alexa has "skills" which are accessed and managed through your account. (If you don't have Alexa yet, you can get an Echo Dot for just $49 and try her out yourself.)

What can you do with Alexa? 

Listen to Spotify, Pandora, or Amazon Music. Check on the weather. Get breaking news from CNN, Fox, Reuters, NPR, and more. Play your favorite iTunes podcast or new audio book on Audible. Set a timer for cooking a new recipe Alexa provided. Play a game. Go on an adventure story where you choose the ending. Your imagination is the limit as new skills are being developed and added every day.

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So How Do You Get Started?

All Bess needs are a few ideas from you on what you want to do with your skill. She is available to brainstorm how your skill can be a resource for your target audience and even be used to grow your fan base or clientele faster than ever.

Step 1: The Idea

Together you and Bess can brainstorm ideas, using a mind map to be sure you have mapped out the voice controls to achieve your desired outcome.

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Step 2: The Design

Once the idea is fully developed, Bess will build the actual skill to meet Amazon's specific criteria for submission and certification. .

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Step 3: Testing

Once the skill is finished being built, Bess will send you access to beta test the skill, to be sure it works exactly the way you want it to.

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Step 4: Submission and Certification

Once your skill has been thoroughly tested and runs exactly as you desire, Bess will oversee the submission process, assuring your skill is accepted and certified by Amazon to appear on Then your skill is ready to be advertised and promoted to your target audience.

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Ready to go? Contact Bess to get a quote to get started!  (Initial builds range between $499 - $1500 and ongoing maintenance between $49 - $199 a month.)

Not quite sure? Visit the FAQ.